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We connect NYC community members through direct linkages to sustainable small to mid scale regional farmers. We strive to amplify racial and economic equity for a more just food system.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Just Food has a 20 year history of training community members to engage their communities, connect to a local family farm, and start a CSA. Today we have a Network of over 100 active CSAs throughout the five boroughs of NYC managed and operated by volunteer community members. The CSA community in NYC is as diverse as NYC itself, reflecting the membership who make it up. At the same time, each CSA in the Just Food Network is committed to a direct relationship to their farmer, supporting economic equity for small family farms in the greater New York area.

Just Food is a proud supporter of the Charter of CSA for the US and Canada. {Insert Link to Charter pdf} Just Food advocates and finds pathways for CSAs to be inclusive and accessible to all members of their communities, regardless of income through strategies such as sliding scale payment options and/or accepting EBT/SNAP payments.

Community - Run Farmers Markets
Just Food provides targeted market management support so that community members are able to run the Farmers Markets that they envision in their own neighborhoods - and source hyper locally grown, culturally appreciated foods. Our Network of Community-Run Farmers Markets offers an opportunity to increase viability for both urban and rural farms and value added small business.

Just Food advocates and finds pathways for Community-Run Farmers Markets to be inclusive and accessible to all members of their communities, regardless of income through strategies such as accepting EBT/SNAP, WIC, FMNP, FMNP Senior, and/or Health Bucks benefits.

Farm To Pantry - Local Produce Link
Local Produce Link is a collaboration between Just Food and United Way NYC that connect 47 food pantries in all five boroughs to fresh, sustainably grown produce from upstate and regional farmers every week, June - November. This program allows farmers to grow produce specifically for these pantry communities and directly connect with the most marginalized populations in NYC.

In supporting farm viability, this wholesale approach supports farm viability by providing the farmers with a favorable price and an upfront contract, offering a stable source of income. Just Food believes that equity in the food system is embedded in direct relationships with farmers and their land. The LPL program, unlike other Emergency Food Programs, fosters this relationship through Meet Your Farmer events, Farm Trips and Community Chef Cooking Demonstrations. The LPL program advocates for pantries to adopt client choice models, increase knowledge about sustainable agricultural practices, healthy eating and food preparation.