Just Food's Work

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Just Food Galvanizes Community

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Just Food sparks community members into action- on the individual, community, and systemic level through our dynamic learner-centered trainings, community- led direct to farm access models, grassroots advocacy efforts, and successful convenings.

Trains Community
Just Food trainings are based on Popular Education that emphasizes lifting up expertise of individuals in their communities who would not otherwise be recognized as experts. Just Food trainings foster collaborative leadership within community members and stokes their passion to share their skills back in their communities and beyond. Many are inspired to forge new career paths in culinary arts, agriculture, and policy.

Feeds Community
We connect NYC community members through direct linkages to sustainable small to mid scale regional farmers. We strive to amplify racial and economic equity for a more just food system.

Convenes Community
Just Food sets the table for our most impacted community partners to be elevated, heard, and recognized as the leaders on the forefront of the food justice movement. Our ongoing workshops and annual conference promote and emphasize shared learning, renew commitment to action, and forging new relationships.

Just Food’s unique role is to amplify the stories and voices from our community partners on the grassroots level and leverage our collective power to inform and influence elected officials, government agencies, and policy makers. Galvanizing community, collaborative efforts, and building cross sector solidarity are essential to our advocacy. We believe strongly in the intersection of food, justice, self determination, and racial equity. Our advocacy work is focused on shifting for equitable policy change that engages the most impacted to become the most active.