What is the City Chicken Project?
Gardeners keep chickens all over the city. Just Food recognizes that chickens provide fresh eggs, fun and education for children, fertilizer for the garden, aerated soil, kitchen and garden scrap recycling, etc. Just Food's Urban Agriculture Program is working with experienced chicken keepers in NYC to create model projects from which gardeners can learn how to keep happy, healthy, and productive chickens.

 Watch the Brook Park chicken coop being built in 20 seconds with dozens of Brook Park community members and volunteers!
Shot by Lily Kesselman at Brook Park in the South Bronx

How can I get involved with City Chickens?
To see a chicken site and to learn more, attend our upcoming chicken workshops and/or join the Just Food City Chicken Meetup NYC where you can connect with other chicken keepers. This group is also a place to learn about chicken workshops, meet-ups and coop tours and to share your own events, questions and advice.

How can I become a City Chicken Project partner?
Just Food works with 2 or 3 new community gardens and/or school gardens per year to provide training, materials, and chickens! To become a City Chicken Project partner, your garden is required to have the commitment of the group, the support of the community, and a willingness to teach others about chickens.

City Chickens from Just Food on Vimeo.

Karen Washington brings her 'girls' in for the evening at Garden of Happiness in the Bronx. Just Food worked with this garden to build their new coop in 2007. These happy hens lay eggs for members of the garden as well as for customers at the La Familia Verde Farmers Market.

Just Food City Chicken Meetup NYC Join the Just Food City Chicken Meetup NYC group!