Ideal Timeline for CSA Organizing Activities




Ongoing Activities Throughout most the year

Pre-season (September - November)

  • Survey the community about food preferences, family size, eating habits, etc.
  • Money collection (start as early as possible)
  • Regular contact and communication with farmer
    (start January)
  • Outreach and recruiting efforts
    (start February)
  • Cooking classes, cooking demos, savings groups, and food education activities
    (start February)
  • Core group development
    (start February)
  • Exploration of other CSA community building activities (i.e. cultural, artistic)
    (start May)


  • Begin developing core group
  • Begin developing long-term plan for the CSA (in terms of organizing structure)
  • Begin developing financing mechanisms (some of this can’t happen without discussion with the farmer)


  • Just Food partners farmer with CSA group on the farm; share price, payment system and financing mechanisms are discussed with farmer
  • Develop agreement form between farmer and community based organization (CBO) (if needed) and between CSA project and individual members (always needed)
  • Develop relationship with farmer


  • Develop mission and vision for the CSA
  • Develop outreach strategy: to whom? to broader community? How? Fliers, press releases, presentation at CBO with clients/members? Present to other groups in community? Encourage word of mouth? Etc.
  • Develop outreach materials
  • Conduct ongoing cooking classes, savings groups, cooking demos, and food education activities
  • Hold at least one general intro meetings for potential members with farmer, city group, and Just Food
  • Continue developing core group: assess need for regular core group meetings
  • Develop bookkeeping/ member records system


  • Begin collecting money according to payment plan


  • Continue developing core group: focus on people who will help with weekly newsletter, distribution, and coordination of farm visits and potlucks


  • Plan arrangements for organization/ staffing/ volunteers at distribution site
  • Explore other CSA community building activities (i.e. cultural, artistic)

June - November

  • Run distribution and communicate with farmer


  • Plan year end activities (potluck, member surveys, early recruitment for next season, core group meetings)


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