Just Food In The News!

As Hard-Hit Farmers Assess Storm Damage, Vendors of Produce Already Feel Effects: Too early to put dollar figure on 'catastrophic' destruction
08/30/2011 in Rik Stevens

Farmers and vendors struggle to gain footing after Hurricane Irene leaves the New York farming region flooded.

Your Third Drink’s Free at Bar Seven Five; $1 Ice-Cream Sundaes Tomorrow
08/16/2011 in Grub Street
Help Bed-Stuy Farm Build their Chicken Coop Next Weekend (and Score the Rare Chance to Use a Circular Saw)
08/04/2011 in Edible Brooklyn
I Eat Green
07/21/2011 in Progressive Radio Network

 Listen to City Farms Program Manager, Owen Taylor,  on Progressive Radio Network at this URL....

Farmers Among the Skyscrapers (Italian article)
07/15/2011 in L'Indro
The Chicken and the City (Spanish article)
07/15/2011 in El Mundo
The Evolution of CSA: The Good, Bad and Ugly of the New Crop of Farm Delivery Services
07/12/2011 in Edible Queens

   Jacquie Berger shares an Op-Ed with Edible Queens. She outlines the successes and difficulties facing CSAs in NYC.

Veggie Educators Empower Food Pantry Clients
07/01/2011 in WHY Hunger Clearinghouse

 For their Clearinghouse Newsletter, WHY Hunger highlighted our  profile of a veggie educator!

City Chickens Needs Your Help Now to Build Three New Community Coops
06/21/2011 in Rachel Wharton

 Rachel Wharton draws attention to Just Food's Kickstarter page. In one year the fund has raised over $10,000 from 190 contributors. 

Backyard Chickens All the Rage in the Big Apple
06/20/2011 in CBN News

Watch the accompanying news story about urban chicken farming here.