Just Food In The News!

Interview with Nadia Johnson, Policy and Advocacy Director, Just Food
02/05/2015 in NYC Food Policy Center

Nadia works to increase awareness and action around local food and farm issues through organizing community advocacy trainings, food justice workshops, conferences, and campaigns.

Healthy food should be a right not a privilege
06/13/2014 in Aetna

Karen Washington discusses her plans to continue spreading the food justice message and the importance of urban agriculture. 

Just Food Stories: Episode 20 - Heather Horgan of East New York Farms
06/05/2014 in Heritage Radio Network

Jacquie Berger gets the urban farming scoop from Heather Horgan, Markets & Urban Outreach Coordinator for East New York Farms.

Just Food Stories: Episode 19 - Anandi A. Premlall
05/29/2014 in Heritage Radio Network

Grassroots activist Anandi A. Premlall talks about her organization, SustyQ, which seeks to support multi-ethnic communities through encouraging environmentally-conscious lifestyles.

Just Food Stories: Episode 3 - Nadia Johnson & Karen Washington
01/23/2014 in Heritage Radio Network

 Karen Washington and Nadia Johnson discuss what they have done for their communities by introducing gardens into their neighborhoods. 

2014 Aetna African American History Calendar: Karen Washington
01/01/2014 in 2014 Aetna African American History Calendar

Aetna's annual Aetna African American History Calendar features Just Food board member & trainer Karen Washington and highlights her work with Food Justice. 

New Yorkers Debate Bloomberg's Food Legacy at Talking Transition
11/19/2013 in Serious Eats

 An overview of the Talking Transition food policy session hosted by Just Food, in which panelists discussed the future of food policy under the new DeBlasio administration. 

Talking Transitions
11/17/2013 in Heritage Radio Network

A recap of the Talking Transitions food policy session; Just Food's Jacquie Berger addresses the importance of discussing the future of food policy in NYC.  

NYC Mayoral Candidate Food Forum Recap
07/18/2013 in Heritage Radio Network

Find out where some of NYC's mayoral candidates stand on issues like childhood nutrition, access to school lunches, and local food. Hear from food professionals including Just Food's Nadia Johnson...

The Politics of Obesity
01/06/2013 in MSNBC

Just Food's Executive Director, Jacquie Berger, discusses the politics of obesity on Melissa Harris-Perry.