Just Food In The News!

Just Food Stories: Episode 2 - Gregory Anderson & Lauren Brown
01/16/2014 in Heritage Radio Network

Lauren Brown, Coordinator of the Cypress Hills Community Gardens, & Greg Anderson, City Farms Program Manager at Just Food, give some guidelines about bringing chickens to your community.

10/22/2012 in Eating Rules

 Monique Hartl talks about her city farming experiences and her involvement with Just Food's Farm School NYC Program. 

Bronx Chickens Get on Twitter to Spread Healthy Food Message
09/05/2012 in DNA Info

Even chickens tweet; 15 hens at a Bronx coop use Twitter to get kids excited about food, health and local agriculture. 

The Rooster Sings Again...in the Garden (Spanish Article)
10/18/2011 in Silvana Santiago

 Argentine, Pablo Martinez, raises chickens in Bronx, NY. Distributing to local purveyors and reaching customers across NYC.

Fowl Play: Bronx Neighbors are Staging a Coop at Urban Chicken Farms
09/29/2011 in NY Daily News
Hatched and Raised in New York City, Chickens Make Their Way to the South Bronx
09/23/2011 in WNYC

Click here to see Just Food help move chickens to a volunteer built coop in the Bronx

Urban Farming Bike Tour
09/01/2011 in Huffington Post

Just Food co-organized a bike tour of urban farms!

As Hard-Hit Farmers Assess Storm Damage, Vendors of Produce Already Feel Effects: Too early to put dollar figure on 'catastrophic' destruction
08/30/2011 in Rik Stevens

Farmers and vendors struggle to gain footing after Hurricane Irene leaves the New York farming region flooded.

I Eat Green
07/21/2011 in Progressive Radio Network

 Listen to City Farms Program Manager, Owen Taylor,  on Progressive Radio Network at this URL....

Farmers Among the Skyscrapers (Italian article)
07/15/2011 in L'Indro