Fermentation and Food Justice: Q&A with Sandor Katz

Sandor Katz, celebrated fermentation revivalist and author, recently released a revised and updated edition of Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods. On October 19th, the Tisch Food Center at Teachers College and Just Food are hosting Sandor for a demonstration, discussion and book signing (tickets and more info here).

New York Fruit Farmers Weathering the 2016 Season

Just Food's Emilie Miyauchi expains the fruit challenges of the 2016 growing season

August 2016: While we're now in the hot and sticky midst of summer, the bizarrely warm March followed by the deep frosts in April may seem distant, but are making big impacts on what we see this year in our CSA shares and at our farmer’s markets.

Botany Day at McKinley’s Children’s Garden


     On June 10th, Just Food staff participated in Botany Day at McKinley’s Children’s Garden in South Jamaica. Each year, McKinley’s, which was founded in 2005 by the late McKinley Hightower-Beyah, welcomes over 500 students from P.S. 40 Campus, Jamaica Children’s School, and P.S. 48 to celebrate the first blooms and learn about urban agriculture.

Baked Eggs and Braised Collards with Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Shiitake Cream


Cara Mangini’s grandfather and great-grandfather were both butchers. She is a butcher of a different sort: a green one. Cara’s first cookbook, The Vegetable Butcher: How to Select, Prep, Slice, Dice, and Masterfully Cook Vegetables from Artichokes to Zucchini, is filled with vibrant, step-by-step images of how to cut vegetables. Mangini not only provides delicious recipes for each season but also shares quick cooking techniques, along with knife maintenance and skills.

Taqwa's Family Tree


“From an early age a recurring theme with my family was growing our own food,” says Kadeesha Williams, describing her life growing up in the family that led the charge to create Tawqa Community Farm. The farm was once an empty lot in her family’s neighborhood in the Highbridge section of the Bronx. Her father, Bobby Watson; her grandfather, Abu Talib; and other community members transformed the space into a garden to be used as a haven for their families and neighbors. 

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Quinoa Rissotto with Grilled Scapes and Arugula


A design student, gardener, holistic nutritionist, and professional chef, Sarah Britton brings a dynamic background to eating in her book, My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season. A vegetarian cookbook with vegan and gluten-free alternatives, My New Roots is centered around seasonal plant-based and whole food recipes. Britton also provides step-by-step instructions for essential cooking techniques, ranging from preparing dried grains to making ghee.

What is a CSA, Really?

Food 52

 The term itself is as ambiguous as the answer to that question: "It’s hard because there’s no agreed-upon definition out there," says Paula Lukats, the Program Director at Just Food, an NYC-based organization that plays the role of matchmaker and coordinator between farms and communities: "Everyone has their take on the key elements that make a CSA a CSA."

Pea Shoot Salad With Radish and Carrot


Combining Vietnamese traditions with contemporary sustainability practices, Linda Ly’s The CSA Cookbook: No-Waste Recipes for Cooking Your Way Through a Community Supported Agriculture Box, Farmers’ Market, or Backyard Bounty (2015) is a great resource for cooking and eating locally this spring. Ly offers strategies for using all edible parts of the plant as part of a “zero waste mentality” that also enhances flavor and nutrition.

*Makes 4 Servings

For the salad:
2 spring radishes with greens
1 carrot with greens
4 cups packed pea shoots, cut into 2-inch lengths

Rutgers Church CSA, One Year Out


After a vacation where the house his family rented included a vegetable share, Dave Mammen, Church Administrator at Rutgers Presbyterian Church, became hooked on the concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). He dreamed of bringing it to his Upper West Side community. Soon after, Mike Fonseca, new to the neighborhood and unable to squeeze into existing CSAs, reached out to Dave about starting one.

Beth's Just Food Conference Recap 2016


March marks the beginning of the change of weather, new growth and life. As gardens begin and flowers bloom, so do ideas and motivation around food, policy and access at the Just Food Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City. 

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