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Just Food
114 West 47th Street, Suite C1-35
New York, NY 10036
Phone:  212-645-9880 x221
Email:  info[at]


Office Directory

Department        Email Phone
General Information info[at] 212-645-9880
Press and Media annette[at] 212-645-9880 x232
Volunteer/Interning info[at] 212-645-9880
Urban Agriculture greg[at] 212-645-9880 x229
CSA emilie[at] 212-645-9880 x244
Food Education angela[at] 212-645-9880 x239
Farm School NYC info[at] 212-645-9880 x224
Farm-to-Pantry alison[at] 212-645-9880 x227
Advocacy nadia[at] 212-645-9880 x237
Acting Executive Director robin[at] 212-645-9880 x242
Development/Fundraising robin[at] 212-645-9880 x242
Let Us Eat Local annette[at] 212-645-9880 x232
Bookkeeping julie[at] 212-645-9880 x241