Who We Are
Just Food empowers and supports community leaders in their efforts to increase access to locally grown food, especially in underserved New York City neighborhoods. Just Food provides training and technical assistance to community members to help them launch projects like farmers' markets and CSAs, provide education in fundamental culinary and urban agriculture skills for their neighbors, and advocate to make their corner of New York City a healthier place to live and eat.

What We Do

Since 1995, Just Food has pioneered sustainable food models, including CSAs, community-run farmers’ markets, and farm-to-food pantry programs. Just Food trains and builds lasting partnerships with community leaders and community based organizations to develop projects, such as CSAs, farmers markets, and other models, that create alternative ways to bring farm-fresh, locally grown food to their neighbors.

Our Programs

Just Food helps community leaders bring fresh, local food to their neighborhoods. We train existing and emerging leaders in project management, advocacy, evaluation, community organizing, media relations, and grassroots fundraising. Just Food provides technical assistance, helping project leaders access resources, connect with sister projects, and overcome challenges. We also create and support long-term connections between community food projects and rural and urban farms.

Just Food cultivates community educators. Just Food builds leadership and educational capacity by training community members in participatory education. We mobilize educators to lead cooking demonstrations, urban farming workshops, and advocacy workshops and campaigns for their neighbors.

Just Food builds the capacity of communities to advocate for change. We provide advocacy trainings to community leaders; collect and aggregate information about community needs; and create opportunities for community advocates to engage with elected officials, connect to coalition work, and promote their success stories.

Strategic Plan Executive Summary